How to Create a Ticket Type

Making a new Ticket Type on the Partner Portal

After you have finished creating an event, you will be prompted to add a ticket type. Enter the ticket type name, number of tickets available, price, royalty percentage, and description of the ticket. If you want this ticket type to go on sale at a different time than the “On Sale Time” previously set, you can enter that information on the “Ticket Type” page as well. If you want to associate an existing promo code with that ticket, you have the option to include that here. If you want to create a new promo code for that ticket, you can also do so on this page. For more information on promo codes, see the “Promo Codes” page in the knowledge base. Finally, you will need to upload a ticket design for the ticket type. Users have the option to upload an existing ticket design from their library, or they can create a new design from scratch. For more information on ticket design see the “Ticket Design” page in the knowledge base. If you would like to add more than one ticket type, click the “Add Ticket Type” button at the bottom of the page and fill out all the necessary information. When finished click “Continue” and you will be brought to the event summary page for the event you have just created.

Create Ticket Type