How to Edit Your Profile Name, Logo, and Colors

How to make changes to your profile name, logo, and colors within the "My Profile" page

  • Once inside the “My Profile” page, you will see a circular logo at the top of the page with a green “+” button on the top right. To remove your profile logo, click the “+” button and select “Remove”. To change your profile logo, click the “+” button and select “Upload Image”. Upload your desired logo, and confirm your changes.
  • To edit your Profile Name, click on the text field below your logo. Enter your desired profile name in the pop up window, and save your changes.
  • To change your profile colors, view the three color options below your profile name on the “My Profile” page. You have three different palette options, listed as “Primary Palette, Secondary Palette, and Tertiary Palette”. To change the color of any of these palettes, click the “pencil” logo on any of the palettes. Make your desired changes and save them to your profile.

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