How to Manage Organization Members

How to add new members to your organization and also edit the roles of existing members

At Tixologi, we fully recognize that team work makes the dream work. Facilitating ticketed events is no easy feat, and is best accomplished by a team. To enable you to work with your whole team, we have made it easy to add team members to your account and facilitate their roles within the Tixologi platform. To add a new team member, scroll to the “Organization Members” section of the “My Profile” page, and click on the green “Add Member” button. You will be prompted to fill out the new member’s email, name, and role within the team. The options for roles are “Admin, Editor, Ticket Designer, and View Only”. The specific capabilities within the platform of each role are shown underneath each option. Finally, confirm your invite, and your new team member will be sent an email with login instructions. To edit an existing team member’s role, click on the “Pencil” icon next to their current role. Make any desired changes and save.

Managing Organization Members