How to Sell Your Tickets

How to sell your tickets to another fan account or list them for sale

To sell a ticket, ticket sales must be enabled by the event producer. If it is enabled, you can select the ticket(s) you wish to sell by selecting them via the checkbox next to each ticket. Then click the “Sell” button below the ticket information. You will be prompted to enter the email you wish to transfer the ticket to or post the ticket to the Tixologi Marketplace. Select your desired selling choice, and click the green “Continue” button. You will then be brought to a page where you can enter the price you wish to sell your ticket for. If you would like to be alerted when your ticket is sold via email, you have that option on this page as well. Once you enter the price you wish to sell your ticket for, you will be shown the Quantity of Tickets, Selling Price, Processing Fee, Tixologi/Venue Fee, and Your Profit. When you are ready to sell, click “Sell Ticket” and it will be posted to the marketplace, or the recipient will receive an email to confirm the sale.