How to use the Fan Database

How to Navigate through the Fan Database page

The Fan Database is the first of its kind. With our NFT ticketing technology, we have enabled event producers to track every single ticket they create throughout the entire life cycle of the ticket. On the Fan Database, event producers can refund tickets, verify the identity of their ticket holders, and reset their fan account passwords. 

For more information on refunding tickets see the How to Refund Tickets article.

To verify a fan's identity, click "Identity" next to their name. This will prompt you to send an email that will allow them to confirm their email with you. Once you are sure the email is correct, click "Confirm" and they will be sent an email. You will receive an email once they have completed the necessary steps.

To assist a fan in resetting their password, click "Reset Password." This will prompt you to confirm that the email address is correct. Once you have, click the green "Confirm" button and they will be sent an email with instructions on how to reset their password.


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